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Under this text you will find many links to secret neopet places! Please tri them all out! And don't tell any one! :)

"Coltzan's Shrine" Is a place on neopets that you can only do it once. You receive a random amount of money or idem.               

Enter Coltzan's Shrine

Clicking this link will take you to Jelly World. Jelly World has a couple of secret games and instead of like the giant free omlett, there is a giant free jelly!
A fruity, delicious jelly that is great with vanilla ice cream.

Enter Jelly World

This link goes to a page on neopets where you get free idems! Each pet of yours will pick what they want. You can get these free idems every month. The best thing I got was a negg!! (Ypu mostly get free food)
This is fattening and greasy and everything your parents told you not to eat when you were little.

Get Your Monthly Freebies

Clicking on this link will take you to the Symol hole. If your petpet is brave enough to go in the hole, the symol will give you a little something.
Symols have a habit of burrowing into places they shouldnt be!

Go To The Symol Hole

This link will go to the Snowager. If this ice worm creature is asleep, you may be able to steal one of it's rare treasures.... But if he is awake you could either escape being fine or your neopets may get damaged. Take a look at the cheats/tips page to see what times he is asleep at!
Aww the little patch makes him seem even more adorable.

Tip-Toe To The Snowager

This link go to the underwater fishing place. Here, you can fish. You can go fishing and catch something once a day. Everytime you catch something you gain a fishing level.
Much better than your average fishing pole.  This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y8.

Underwater Fish Here!

This link takes you to a page where one very ritch slorg hangs around. When you go to this page the slorg will give you a random amount of money. This slorg only gives out money once a day to you. Be sher go to there every day!

To The Ritch Slorg

The hidden tower sells extremely rare items, mostly Paint Brushes and rare battle items! But this shop does not range from 1 np - 99,999, the prices can go to over 1 million! Enjoy!
Turn your Neopet into a cute little baby with one use of this magical paintbrush!

To the Hidden Tower!

This is a unown refreshment shop! they sell different interesting foods, maybe even rare foods! I took a look and they had food that I have never seen before!
A generous serving of hot buttered popcorn.

Shop Here!

The Rice Balls link was not working so if it is still not working we know and hope it will work again.

all neopets rule! DUH!