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Welcome! I hope these Tips will help you a bit on

Tips for Icecream Machine
+ = Makes icecream go faster
-  = Makes icecream go slower
grey icecream with sheild in it = Sheild
Pink icecream with heart = Extra live
Blue icecream with big chia = your chia grows up in size
Purple icecream with small chia = your chia goes smaller
Fish icecream = extra points
Cherry on icecream = extra points
Weird icecream with a flower or something on it = all icecream on screen goes away
The snowager is awake from 9 - 10am and 5 - 6pm!
Glinch: Turmac Roll -
Sometimes when you go right infront of a big stump and jump, you will appear ontop of the stump so you won't loose.
Plan a dayley plan where you can do difforent wheels and things you can only do once in a long while. So then you could get lots of rare idems a day!
When it is around Christmas time then go to the Avent Calender in Terror Mountain. Why? Because they will give you rare idems dayely!! Until Christmas is over.
This tip is for the moneytree. To easly get idems from the moneytree, tri to do it either late at night or early in the morning when harldy any one is logged on to neopets.
I new place in neopets called Jelly Land has a funny jelly game. In it, if you keep on typing randoming I giant peice of jelly will come which may make you lose, but you should tri it! Ir's cool!
To get a bigger mallet type in "a5paragu5"
Tug-O-War Passwords
Theibos= lrslsts
Khadir= sltltsr
Ramset= sslrtrl
Horak= lrlrss

Duplication Cheat
1.) Go into Your Inventory. 2.) Click on an item that you want to duplicate. 3.) Right-click on the page that pops up and view the source. Copy and paste that source into an HTML section of your own free website. (You can get free websites right here at Neopets.) 4.) Change where it says "Select Action" to "Give To [Your Username Here]" (near bottom). 5.) Go to the website, and press "submit"! I dont think it works any more tho.
Carnival of Terror

To get more time type in "custard" during the game  

Quick Neopoints Hack
Set the time to 11:59 p.m. and wait one minute to have the game think it is another day. This is a quick way to get the neopoints From the games and the trophies, and to refill the shop without having to sleep until the next day. After you do this, change the time and date back to their original setting.

Code Effect
ineedmoretime +15 seconds to your time in Kiko Match II
channyhungry +30 seconds to your time in Spell Or Starve
scarabeus +30 seconds to your time in Sutek's Tomb
strawberryvanillachocolate 1 free life in Ice Cream Machine
plzsutekcanihavemoretime 30 second time bonus in suteks tomb
marissa a message will appear --- "Now are you happy?" (more blobs in the game) in Jelly Blobs of Doom
nopopups All the advertisements on the current screen in Advert Attack will disappear. Only one use per game.
a5paragu5 Bigger Mallet in Whack-a-Staff-Member
slorgerizer blasts a few slorgs at once in Attack of the Slorgs
empulse blasts the surrounding enemies in Escape To Kreludor
rainbownegg Creates a 25 points rainbow negg in jelly blobs of doom
turdle creates a turdle on your opponents side
Scallywags Creates a whirlpool in dubloon disaster!
Nobubbles Dark Faerie bubble in Faerie Bubbles
buuuurrrrrrrrp decreases your bloat by 50% in snowmuncher
superlaser Double laser range in Moon Rock Rampage(once per game, resets at end of level)
fishnegg Eat the fishnegg and get 50 free points
novisitors Extra 30 seconds on the timer in Moon Rock Rampage(works only once per game)
bouncebouncebounce extra life in Bouncy Supreme
frumball Extra life in Frumball
spiderbite Extra Life in Korbat's Lab
kreludor Extra life in Kreludan Mining Corp.
hungrymeepits Extra life in Meepit Juice Break
meepits extra life in Meepit Juice Break
rampage Extra life in Moon Rock Rampage(works only once per game)
1morekarpohplease extra life in Raiders of Maraqua
trappedkadoaties Extra life in Warf Rescue Team
slumberberry Gets rid of blocks in Faerie Bubbles
catapult Gives you a random bonus item in Ultimate Bullseye
lava Gives you a shield in Volcano Run
Oscillabot Gives you an extra attempt at petpetsitter.
marrow Gives you an extra life in Attack of the Slorgs
boohooiwanttheoldgameback In Destruct-O-Match II lets you play the original version (type on the mode select screen)
supercannonball Large cannonball in Castle Battles
FaerieBubbles Make all bubbles turn into one type.
dirigibles Makes a blimp float across the screen of mynci beach volleyball.
custard More time in Carnival of Terror
dieter Multiplies your score in Snowmuncher by 100 but it does not stay like that.
Stardust Nova bubble in Faerie Bubbles
rehaxtint One extra letter hint in The Castle of Eliv Thade
Faerieland Rainbow bubble in Faerie Bubbles
doughnutfruit Reset the timer in Hasee Bounce (once per game)
juice-o-matic Resets ALL meepit's timers in Meepit Juice Break
valrigard resets the clock in Escape From Meridell Castle
chargex4 Restores the laser guide after it cuts out in Attack of the Slorgs. (Can be used as many times as needed)
vitaminc Returns you to full health in Deckswabber (once per game)
ummaginethief Skip level in Grand Theft Ummagine (but resets your score)
quaglor skips a level in Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest
salamander skips a level in The Buzzer Game
kougra Skips level in frumball
kougra Skips level on Meriball, but resets points.
superbowl Skips levels in gourmet club bowls
pyramibread Sutek's Tomb - Gives hint as to what match to make to line up 3 in a row (Unlimited Use)
laser toggle radar on/off in bouncy supreme
stardust Turns current bubble in to a Nova Bubble in Faerie Bubbles
faerieland Turns current bubble in to a Rainbow bubble in Faerie Bubbles
ferociousneggsareontheloose Type during the Meerca Chase II title screen to unlock the secret ferocious level
superextrahypergravitymode Type during the Meerca Chase II title screen to unlock the secret gravity level.
freeze will cause Balthazar to freeze in Extreme Herder
dubloon will increase your chance of having a dubloon fall in Igloo Garage Sale
destroyboulders Will remove all blocks of one colour from the screen in Destruct-O-Match II. Can only be used once per game.
sheperd x2 score in Gourmet Food Bowls

Code Effect A hidden movie A plea from the Space Faerie shown during the reign of Dr. Sloth. AirBud Seven Inning Fetch Version 1 (unlisted game) Brightbale Books Brightvale Armoury Brightvale Glaziers Brightvale Kingdom Brightvale Motery Deactivasion Console Dino Brush Teeth (unlisted game) Dubloon Disaster Version 1 (unlisted game) Faerie Cloud Racers Version 1 (unlisted game) Feed Florg Version 1 (unlisted game) Free jelly and see Jelly Games Fungus Cave GadGadsGame Version 1 (unlisted game) Go all the way down the page to see the upcoming pet."The Lutari". Goldfish Flavor Blasted Getaway (unlisted game) Grundo's Gym (unlisted game) Grundo's Gym (unlisted game) Hidden BattleDome Hidden Mind-Control Lab Hidden Refreshments Shop Hidden statue in Ruins of Maraqua Hotrod Health Hound (unlisted game) Jelly World's Hidden Neoboard Kau Korral (unlisted game) KauKorral (unlisted Game) Kiko Match Version 1 (unlisted game) Lets you see the 2 Gallon Hatz concert. Lets you see the Blue Kacheek Group concert. Lets you see the Chomby and the Fungus Balls concert. Lets you see the Hikalakas concert. Lets you see the Jazzmoisis Christmas concert Lets you see the Jazzmoisis concert. Lets you see the Moehawks concert. Lets you see the MYNCI concert. Lets you see the Sticks N' Stones concert. Lets you see the The Neopian Philharmonic concert. Lets you see the Twisted Roses concert. Lets you see the Wock Til You Drop concert. Lets you see the Yes Boy Ice Cream concert. Link to Hidden Tower Magical Marchmallows (unlisted game) Matching Madness (unlisted game) Maths Nightmare Version 2 (unlisted game) Most Popular Games List Neopets Portal page NeoSchool Classes NeoSecret Card One Part of the quest to find King Coltzan's crown. The parrot gives you clues on where to find it. Play the original meerca chase. Ruins Of Maraqua (unlisted world) Shows the ending of Sloth's reign over Neopia. Shows the trailer that previewed before Dr. Sloth appeared. Shows the winners for a Halloween Costume Contest. Solution to the Mystery Island Volcano mystery . Tarzan and Jane Version 1 (unlisted game) The Chia Bingo Game (unlisted game) The Evil Ending to NeoQuest. The Grundo's story on Sloth. The hidden VirtuPets Space Station NeoBoard The Insane Ending to NeoQuest. The Kadoatery. The Maraqua Battledome. Maraqua is gone, but this is still there. The Normal Ending to NeoQuest. The old Guildmasters' Dinner Logic Puzzle. The secret Jelly World NeoBoard The VirtuPets Marketplace. Shop list for users who have there shop on the space station. Tiki Tack Free Stuff Tour. Gives you some nice downloads. Ultimate Bulls Eye Version 1 (unlisted game) Veiw Year 7 April Fools Joke View the 2001 April Fool's Day joke View the 2003 April Fool's Day joke Virtupets' Hidden Neoboard Volcano Run Version 1 (unlisted game) Wadjet & Ladders (unlisted game) Wheel of Knowledge Yullieland (unlisted game)
Toybox Escape
At the title screen insert one of the following.
Code Effect
DT55KE63 Skips to Level 11
DT73E42H Skips to Level 16
Grand Theft Ummagine level passwords
Enter on password/code screen, by clicking on Use Level Code.
Password Effect
TWW1Z9 Level 'The Gardeners Revenge'
HTROY4 Level 'The Three Halls Of Insanity'
Hidden Battledome Challengers
Here are how to get the unlockable challengers for the Battledome. Those that are gotten when you start an account are not listed.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Advisor Broo Random Event while playing Dice-A-Roo
Balthazar Keep refreshing at
Balthazar He is a random event.
Battle Faerie 100 Referrals will earn you the Battle Faerie as a challenger
Black Pteri Random Event
Boochi Random Event when Boochi fires his gun at you(he doesn't need to hit you)
Brain Tree Finish his Quest in the Haunted Woods
Cave Chia Keep refreshing at
Cave Chia You can find him by going to the second page of the Cave Paintings in Tyrannia and refresh
Chia Clown Automatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
Chiazilla Keep refreshing at
Chiazilla Get him at the Ruins of Maraqua
Commander Garoo Keep refreshing at
Count Von Roo He is a random event, you need to browse around on neopets in the night (Neopian Time)
Count Von Roo Random Event
Down For Maintenance Pteri Found during a Random Event
Edna Go to the Witch's Tower in the Haunted Woods and complete her quest at midnight - 1am (Neopian Time)
Edna Finish her Quest in the Haunted Woods
Evil Sloth Clone Random Event here:
Fire Faerie To get her as a challenger, choose her as an opponent for Gormball. If you win, she will challenge you.
Flaming Meerca Automatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
Ghost Lupe
Ghost Lupe go to
Giant Ghostkerchief Go here:
Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby Refresh here:
Grarrg Automatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
Harry the Mutant Moehog Automatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
Highland Chia Automatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
Highland Chia Automatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
Jelly Chia
Jelly Chia Enter the Gallery of Evil and search for the Jelly Chia under the drop down menu.
Kastraliss Keep refreshing at Keep refreshing at
Kasuki Lu Buy a "Kasuki Lu" trading card and click on it once it's in your inventory
Kasuki Lu If you want him as a challenger, you need to buy his Collectable Trading Card by the same name
Kauvara Go to Kauvara's shop and refresh. She may challenge you
Koi Warrior Go to the Ruins of Maraqua and keep refreshing.
Koi Warrior Keep refreshing at
Lab Ray Scientist First you need the secret laboratory map completed, then refresh at
Lab Ray Scientist Keep refreshing at
Lava Ghoul Random Event
Lava Ghoul He is a random event or play the Wheel of Excitement and land on him.
Magnus the Torch
Magnus the Torch go to
Maintenance Pteri Found in a random event while using the site
Meerca Henchmen Keep refreshing at
Meuka Your pet has the sneezles go to your pet's page
Meuka Use a Ferocious Negg, Random Event, or Wheel of Misfortune in Deserted Fairgrounds to give your pet Sneezles of Neoflu; then visit Quick Ref
Mootix Warrior Automatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
Mutated Chia He is a random event.
Pant Devil Random Event or have him steal an item in the Wheel of Excitement in Faerieland
Pant Devil Put a worthless item in your "your items" page and press F5, he'll show up after a while.
Punchbag Bob Automatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
Qasalan Mummy Refresh here
Quiggle Warlord Automatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
Red Pteri Random event.
Robo Grarrl Refresh here:
Robo Grarrl Automatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
Ryshu the Nimmo
Ryshu the Nimmo You can find Ryshu at the Mystery Island Training School
Sabre-X Random Event in Tryannia
Shadow Usul Random Event
Shadow Usul He is a random event
Sidney Win a level 3 or higher prize on one of his scratchcards
Slug Monster Have Slug Flakes in your inventory. Go to Maraqua, click and refresh on the screen with the Big Slug until you get an event.
Snow Beast Refresh here:
Snow Faerie To get her as a challenger, go to the Terror Mountain and click on the Snow Quests. Complete one of her quests then she will challenge you.
Snow Faerie Finish her Quest on the Top of Terror Mountain
Space Faerie Redeem a Rare Item Code at the Space Station
Space Faerie Get her by having one of the "rare codes" given out when you buy NeoPets merchandise
Spider Grundo
Spider Grundo Enter the Gallery of Evil and search for the Spider Grundo under the drop down menu
Tax Beast Have some money ready and keep refreshing on your items page. He'll come, takes 10% of your money and challenges you.
Tax Beat Rand Event where he takes 10% of your Neopoints on hand
Tekkitu the Witch Doctor You can find him by taking the Mystery Island Tiki Tour
Tekkitu the Witch Doctor Take a Tiki Tour on Mystery Island
The Brain Tree Go to the Brain Tree in the Haunted Woods. Complete his quest and he may challenge you
The Drenched Refresh here:
The Esophagor to the Esophagor in the Haunted Woods. Complete his quest (without being on a Brain Tree quest) and he'll challenge you
The Snowager Have him blast you at his cavewhen you try to wake him up in the Ice Caves
The Snowager Visit the Snowager at his lair when he's sleeping, try to pick something up and when he wakes up he'll challenge you.
Tiki Tack Man
Tiki Tack Man Go to his shop on Mystery Island and you may get him as a challenger.
Turmaculus The Turmaculus has to eat your pet
Vira Random Event
Zafara Rogue Keep refreshing at
 that's all the cheats I know of right now, if you have any you want to put on this site, please contact me!



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