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About me

If you went here because you were board, this might seem boring too. If you have the guts, it might be interesting to you. If you came here because you wanted too, THANKS! I hope about me isn't boring for you!

Just to let you know my user name is lianalianaliana8 on ok!
- I love neopets! (duh)
- I'm also a fan of pokemon
- I like to play badmonton
- I like to hang-out with my friends
- I like to collect figures (pokemon ones and neopet ones)
- I'm in love with my kitten, Magic.
- I enjoy making websites and doing things on the computer
- I like to make/do art
- I like watching T.v.
- I like playing video games
- I LOVE reading scary books (goosebumps, real ghost stories)
- I love to go down the street with my  friend and find frogs/toads
- Me and my best friend absolutly LOVE selling things (garage sales, lemon aid stands)
- I love to shop!
- I like to hang and play with my cousins
- I love camping
- I LOVE theme parks!!!
- I love having sleep overs
I might have more things I like but I think there is too much...
I Hate:
- tomadoes
- jessica N. (idiot at school)
- stupid and popular people at school
- Hyper people (depends)
- Ever type of BEEEEE! Sorry, I hate beEEEEs so much...
- my little brother zane sometimes
there is probably more, but I can't really remember... (lol)
- To fly
- To make a popular website
- To not have diabeties
- To have LOTS of money!
- To not have celiac disease
A Bit About Me.
I have a desese called DIABETIES. It dosn't effect my voice, but sometimes the way I act (a bit hyper or mad). And guess what! The doctor just figured out that I now have celiac disease! God! My health is messed! Celiac disease is where I can not eat weat :S. Anyways, My name is liana and my middle name is melody, I can't tell you my last name (hehe). I have a mom, a dad and a little brother, zane. Some of my best friends names are; Susan, Christopher, Kali, Katie, Samantha, Jared and more. I'm  11 years old. I have 2 Grandma's and 2 Grandpa's. My mom, Tracey, is a Chiropractor and my dad, Steve, is a Construction worker. I have 1 cat, 1 kitten and a snake. The snake's name is Lickorish, my kitten is Magic and my fat cat is Kiki. :P




I Hope That wasn't boring!

all neopets rule! DUH!